Sunday, April 3, 2011

Charlie's getting married at last! William's wedding march!

Do you remember that tune? It was drilled into us when we were five - how ironic it seems now:
Charlie's getting married at last
To a pretty girl without a past
Her Majesty's so happy
The Duke's a happy chappy
Cos Charlie's getting married at last!
My Mummy let me sit up late to see them getting married. We had a little black and white television and I got to sit in her bed through-out the night. It was magic!
And now my seven year old gets to relive it all again with William and Catherine. I hate to say it but she's got a scapbook going just like we all did - Republicanisim is just not a terminology that she understands - pretty Princesses on the other hand....
However, I would have been the first to cheer for the end of the Monarchy on a Commonwealth scale, yet it does seem to reinvent itself and in William's case we have found just cause to have the Queen on board. William represented the monarchy well in New Zealand. We are a long way from other countries and suffer accordingly as if an only child when a tragedy subjects us to such a state. His being here was wonderful, if only to keep us from falling against each other in despair. His sympathy was genuine, his smile rewarding and I can say that since then we have had many people in the shop buying Royal Wedding Souvenirs.
At the end of the day we can all pretend we are a bit braver than them and we don't need their help - but when they come there is very few of us who don't quietly say 'Thanks and good luck'.
Besides - where would the world's news media be without a few royal scandals!
PS - I'm going completely nutty - what with the life size pictures of William and Kate in the shop that you are welcome to take your picture with, there is also the China souvenirs and of course my own special commemorative box of Royal Wedding Chocolates dating back to every wedding since Queen Victoria - all imprinted on one of our marvelous chocolates!
And don't forget our Royal Wedding High Tea for everybody on the day of the Wedding - come down and enjoy a scone with jam and cream and our famous hot chocolate!

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